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Convert High Capacity SATA Hard Drive and SATA Storage Device to operate with IDE Host Controller!

Attaches this Mini size Dangle board to the back of all types of Serial ATA Devices (such as Hard Disk, DVD, DVD-RAM, CD-ROM, CD-RW, MO.)and make them become IDE Device to work with IDE host Controller.

This Bridge board can support HDD larger than 137GB.

SATA Device ---> IDE Device Mini Vertical Bridge (for SATA device)
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  • 1 unit: $22.89
  • 6 or more $21.89
  • 24 or more $20.98


Item # ST-106
Price: $22.89
Ship Weight: 1 lb.
Color: Red
Form Factor  
Chip Set:  
OS: Support: PC, MAC and Linux environment
In Stock: Yes
Compatibility: SATA
Quantity Buy: Yes


  • Supports any type of SATA Device (DVD, DVD-RAM, MO, CD-ROM, CD-RW, Hard Disk, íK.)
  • 48 bits LBA can Break Capacity-Limit to Support HDD larger than 137GB
  • Mini Board size (75mm x 26mm), No space wasted
  • Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0a specifications

  • Supports Spread Spectrum in receiver
  • Compliant with ATA specifications
  • Compliant with ATA specifications
  • Compatible with Ultra ATA 133 / 100 / 66 / 33
  • 100% hardware bridge converter to support PC, MAC and Linux environment

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